Zombie Dollars

Zombie Dollars

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Making Money on Tsu, a Social Network

What is Tsu and how do you make money off it?  Tsu is a newer social network similar to Facebook, but with the possibility of making real money off it.  It is invitation only to join.  You can join with my link if you like.

To make money off this social network, you need to share posts, post content, and friend alot of people.  All the same things you do on Facebook, except you'll make a few cents for it all.  You also need people to join up so they become part of your network.  And the more people in your network, the more money you make.  If you stick with it, the cashout is a hundred dollars.  And some people really have made that money.  Expect it to take alot of time, though.  But wouldn't you rather be on a social network with the chance of making real money, instead of being on Facebook and making nothing?

I'm also still making money off Opinion Outpost  Depending on how many surveys I work in a day and how well I'm feeling, I can make five to ten dollars a day off Opinion Outpost  If I just work five days a week on them, I can make up to fifty bucks per week.  Give them a try.
Opinion Outpost

Making money online is definitely possible, and you can do it from your bed.  It just takes persistence and patience.  All of these sites depend on how much time and effort you are willing to put into them.  Give them a try, you can do it.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Raising Money for an MCS Retreat

Please help me spread this fundraising link around, and if you know someone who suffers from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, please donate if you can.  I'm trying to raise money to start the very first MCS Retreat in Pennsylvania for those who suffer from this devastating illness. People who have MCS often end up homeless or sleeping in cars because there is no safe place for them to go to.  A special retreat like this would give people who have been chemically injured a much safer place to be.  Please help if you can.  Thanks.

Friday, January 10, 2014

A new site I'm trying to make money at is called Paidviewpoint.com  This one has a fifteen dollar cashout limit, but the surveys are short, fast, and they don't screen you out.  It's a tiny ten cents per small survey, but if you do enough of them you can make the fifteen bucks.  And fifteen bucks is better than no fifteen bucks.  Any money is better than none.  Give it a try.

I'm still a big fan of Quickrewards and Cashle.  Any of these programs will payout, as long as you are persistent, have patience, and put the time into them.  You can make money, maybe not a living, but whatever you make will pay for something.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Perks of Surveys

Some companies will actually send you full sized free products to try.  And all you have to do is the follow up survey.  I've gotten all kinds of fun full sized freebies.  Anything from yogurt, which came in a real dry ice box to a full sized bag of cat food, which my cat loved.  I even got bathroom cleaner and toilet paper and paper towels.  When I say full sized, I mean full sized.  They sent me two full rolls of paper towels, a four roll package of good toilet paper, all kinds of really nice products from regular brands we use every day.  It just depends on the survey that you happen to do.  Companies like Opinion Outpost , Quick Rewards and others all have the surveys that do send you freebies.  It's just getting lucky and getting one that sends. 

If you haven't already joined Jingit , I really recommend it.  All you do is watch ads and you get paid instantly to a free debit visa card.  There are no fees as long as you only get electronic statements and you actually use the card.  Loading the card or using it at any store or online is fine.  Most of the ads are on Walmart.com now.  It does take a bit of work to get the ads.  You have to reload the Walmart home page or other pages that have ads alot.  But eventually the ads come up, some are for a dollar each.  You click the ones with the Jingit ad curl.  And it will launch a commercial.  Watch the commercial, click pay me now and it gets instantly added to your Jingit account.  There is a fifteen dollar per week limit on how much you can earn.  But you are allowed to watch the ads every day till you reach your limit.  Most of us reach it in a day.  Fifteen dollars per week times four weeks in a month means you can earn up to Sixty dollars a month just doing this.  It's worth it.  In two weeks time, I earned twenty five dollars and it was half a tank of gas for my car.  That's worth it.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Earning Money Fast With Jingit

Tonight, I earned $12.50 with Jingit in under twenty minutes.  I am so happy about it.  All I did was watch ads on Walmart.  In the last two weeks, I've earned $25 total from Jingit.  They have really come through.  The earning limit is still fifteen dollar per week, but as they get more successful, I'm hoping they will up it again. 

To view the ads on Walmart.com, you have to refresh the main page alot or try going to the main Grocery page and refreshing that alot.  When you see a Jingit ad, you click it and it opens a mini Jingit window so you can watch the ads.  Some ads can be watched more than once.  So after you watch them, try again with the same ad.  It's so easy.  You just watch and get paid.  I wish there were more companies paying this much.  I had my doubts about Jingit, but they are really coming through now.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Jingit is Now on Walmart's Website

Here's the new deal with Jingit  Today, they have started to add page curl ads to the Walmart.com homepage.  However, in order to find the ads, you have to refresh the Walmart.com home page over and over for like a million times.  It's not kewl.  But if you do that, and you do not have any ad blockers on, and your adobe flash is up to date, you can make fifty cents per ad that has the Jingit page curl on it.  Right now, it's three ads.  There's a Planters Peanut Butter ad, a Jello ad and a Mio ad.  So you can make a dollar fifty. 

When you click the ad, it opens a new window that's like a mini Jingit app.  You watch a video, get paid to your Jingit account. 

I got my money, however, it took an insane amount of reloads, I really sat here way too long trying for it.  I don't think the ad rotation is good enough at all.  I am hoping they will put ads back on the regular Jingit homepage again.  No one is going to stick with this if it takes too long to find the ads.